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The York Riflemen & Jr. Division at Camp Perry, Ohio

2021 York Riflemen High Power Program- 

Our High Power Matches will be sanctioned by the CMP and will follow the CMP Cup format (both service rifle and match rifle), fired for CMP classification, two sighters in each position, rapid-fire beginning in position, with no alibis.  The CMP 2021 High Power Rifle Rules again some changes.  You can click on the links for the new CMP and NRA rules posted below.  While service rifle will be very close to last year, there are some minor changes and clarifications to the rules.

Dates for the 2021 high-power rifle matches will follow a similar schedule (4th Sunday from April through September) – April 25 (50 round); May 23; June 27; July 25 – Camp Perry -August 22  (Memorial Trophy Match) ; September 26.

The York Riflemen 2021 Garand Matches (30 rounds) are April 25 and October 2 (course of fire is Course A) 15 shots slow-fire prone (first 5 shots are sighters); 10 shots rapid-fire prone; 10 shots slow fire standing. All shot from 200 yards.

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NRA RULES*   NRA Rulebook

CMP RULES     CMP Rulebook(s)

*consult for updates in the near future

High-power matches are fired at 200 yards. Reduced targets are used to simulate 300 and 600 yards when appropriate.