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2014 Memorial Trophy Match Results

The 2014 York Riflemen Memorial Trophy Match had 20 competitors. Congratulations to Match Winner Adam Jones, shooting a score of 771-13x. Adam also won Rapid-fire AGGs and took High Service Rifle.

1st Combined High Master and Master Class goes to Matt Zagorski, shooting a score of 770-20x.
The high Expert Class shooter honors go to John Yankowski. John shot at score of 743-12x.
Top combined Marksman and Sharpshooter class award goes to Erik Sullivan. Erik shot a score of 723-13x.

I would like to personally thank all of you who contribute time, energy, and money to help
make these matches a success. It is a pleasure to be able to run these matches when so many people help with all of the details. Please remember our next High Power Match on September 28 and our final match of the season,
the John C Garand Match on Saturday, October 4.

Click here for match results