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2016 High Power Rifle team at Camp Perry (July 22 – August 1) **VIDEO**

Our High Power Rifle team once again traveled to the National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio in mid-July.  Like last year, almost all members stayed on base in the newly constructed huts. This year our base housing was a lot closer to the vendors on Commercial Row and I am thinking that we all spent more money than we should have.



We had a very rainy start to CMP week and rain delays prevented us shooting squadded practice.  The rain also caused the CMP to scratch the offhand portion of the M16 Excellence in Competition (EIC) match. That certainly hurt competitors who had already fired a strong standing score.

Almost squadded practice

Almost squadded practice

The 2016 calendar was a return to the “old” calendar of events, so competitors fired the President’s Hundred match on Monday (10 rounds slow-fire standing, 1 string of 300yd rapid-prone, and 10 shots at 600 yards).

On Tuesday we shot the National Trophy Individual or the NTI. The NTI is the big “Leg Match” worth 10 points toward one’s Distinguished Rifleman’s Badge. The course of fire is the same as a 50 round National Match course (without sighters).

On Wednesday we fired the Hearst Doubles match (30 rounds each ) and then on Thursday the team really came together under John Ondek’s wind-reading and coaching skills in the six-person NTT Match (50 rounds each).

Six-person team

Six-person NTT team and scorers

The next few days were taken up with CMP “Games” matches (Garand, Springfield, Vintage, etc.) We wrapped up our 2016 National Matches experience by shooting the NRA M1A match on Sunday, July 31. Match results can be viewed by clicking here.

Below is a short music video montage of the York Riflemen High Power team at Camp Perry in 2016, put together by Jeremy Bogdany.