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Public Sight-in and Running Deer

Mark your calendars! The annual Public Sight-in and Running Deer dates are set for the two Sundays before Thanksgiving. This year 2017 the dates are November 12 and November 19 from 8am to sunset. Don’t miss it! 

This event is open to the public and non-members are welcome on these dates only. Any type of hunting rifle may be sighted-in and if needed, assistance will be available. 

Sight-in will be held rain or shine. Stop by the clubhouse to warm up and get some refreshments as well as conversing with fellow members and friends. There’s always a good story to be heard! 

Weather permitting we will again hold the annual “running of the deer”. Try your skills on our moving deer target. You’ll get three trips across the range for a modest fee, proceeds to go to the club for range upkeep. Again this year we are continuing a 5- shot string maximum for each run for safety reasons as well as reducing wear and tear on the equipment. Also for these reasons we ask that no slug guns or calibers larger than 30 cal. be fired at the deer target. 

And just in case you were wondering, the pistol and shotgun ranges will also be available for use those days, too. So come on out and make a day of it! 

We’re sorry but the outdoor .22 range will be closed because the operators for the running deer are behind that range in the woods and they might not appreciate the gunfire coming at them from both sides of the little area they are hiding in. 

The Membership Secretary will also be available those days from 11am to 4pm so you can pay your York Rifle Range 2017 dues and get you membership card. Payment may be made by cash or check. 

If you are not an NRA member, now would be a great time to join at a discounted rate; if you are an NRA member, you can renew thru the club also at a discounted rate. Checks or Credit Cards are preferred for NRA membership. Make checks payable to the NRA.